Psalm 91

I love Psalm 91. It’s my favorite scripture in the Bible.

I’ve been a Christian since I was five. I was baptized at the age of ten. Over the years I’ve grown exponentially in my faith. I’ve also gone from high to low and everywhere in between. With that said, I’ve drawn closer in my journey with Christ over the past few months.

My mother always instilled prayers. The main one we’d pray whenever we’d go out for the day was Psalm 91.

I didn’t appreciate the scripture during my younger years. I saw it as a habit to recite along with her as we drove somewhere. More than ever before, however, I know the power the words hold.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress my God in whom I trust.” 


3 Reasons Psalm 91 Rocks

  1. This is the scripture of protection. Dwell means to live in, and if you are under the shelter of God’s shadow, then you know, trust, and have faith that no matter what happens, He has you. Whether physical or emotional ailments, God can provide comfort under His wings.


  1. The scripture is known as the Solider’s Prayer. There’s a story that a Brigade commander in WWI gave a card with the scripture to his men. They prayed the scripture daily, and during one of the bloodiest battles they were involved in, miraculously, there were no casualties. Whether this story is true or not, it’s helped countless in keeping their faith that God is watching over them.


  1. When you read all of Psalm 91, you see exactly what God promises. We don’t have to fear because He will rescue us, protect us, answer us, be with us in trouble, deliver us… The scripture reminds us that we aren’t alone. During our hardships He will be with us because we love and call out to Him. He is our salvation.


Psalm 91 is full of power, wonder, might, and the love of God.

Read it, analyze it, roll it around in your mind. See if it makes a difference in the smallest of things. You can find the peace it and He can bring.

Ministry, preaching, converting is not what I do or who I am. I’m an imperfect Christian learning daily. I’m an imperfect Christian living in an imperfect world. His Word, however, gets me through the trials and tribulations in my life. If someone can get a little freedom from Him, if God can use me to help others, then that’s a blessing in itself.


Disclosure – These are the opinions of I received no compensation for this post.