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My book is out on Monday.  This Monday, June 6th, for all the world to see.  To say I have new release jitters is an understatement.  I’ve never said I was a brilliant writer.  This isn’t Shakespeare or something as beautiful as a classic novel, but it’s something that I poured myself into.  This was work.  A  lot of learning, growing, crying and praying.

It’s a vulnerable thing – knowing that people will read what I wrote, critique it, judge it, love it, hate it, or think it’s just mediocre.  But at the end of the day, I had fun doing it.  It’s my passion.  I’ve had trying times for sure, but writing is something I love.  Despite all the anxiety and wondering if I’m doing the right thing, the best part of it all is the support I’ve received around me.

Without having even read my book, authors, bloggers, readers, family members and friends have rallied around me and have offered a hand.  To me, that is the most beautiful part of it all.  I’m overly floored at the talented, and amazing people around me telling me they are there for me if I need something.  And that is my favorite part of being in this industry.

So, I’m listing a thank you to all of those who have helped, been a part of, and given support to me.  I’m sure I won’t even come close to hitting everyone.  And a lot of people have been mentioned in my acknowledgements at the end of my book (out June 6th, ahem…so check if you’re mentioned).    Thank you to everyone who has purchased and encouraged me.  God bless you guys, and much love.

Thank you!

Jill Sava, Nadine Winningham, Vilma Gonzalez, Natasha Tomic, Heather White, Jenn Watson, Heather Roberts, K Bromberg, Melanie Harlow, Erin Noelle, T L Swan, Kylie McDermott, RE Hunter, KL Grayson, Amy Daws, Anne Jolin, Rachel Van Dyken, Sara Humphreys, Katana Collins, AL Jackson, Kennedy Ryan, Audrey Carlan, AM Madden, Tia Louise, Jeanette Grey, Jillian Stein, Nina Bocci, Emma Hart, TL Smith, Liz Lovegood, Kelly Elliott, Tracey Davis Zelukovic, Laura Gomez, Laura Fontana-Muller, Laura Archer, Donna Martin, Tara Copsy, Jamee Wykes, Kelli Gordon, Lucy Garcia, Sally Ramos, Jessica Fillipi Zelkovich, Alyssa and Stacy Garcia….  Beta readers, bloggers, promoters, anyone lending a kind word and offer of support…all you guys have been amazing!

Family and friends, you know who you are. <3

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